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REDEYENow you can find your favorite Plastic 350 Recordings at your favorite Record and CD stores all across the USA. We are pleased to announce national distribution by Redeye. If you don’t see Art Circus, the little bear, Robert Ellis Orrall, or Monkey Bowl in stock at your local music purveyor, be sure and ask for it! they can order it in a jiffy. Or you can visit our friendly Plastic350 web store. Be sure and stock up on great music for the Holidays!



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Hey music lovers. We know you like to cook too. Don’t ask how- we just know. So the next ten of you who buy the debut LP from The Little Bear will get one of her personally had-knitted pot holders with your CD! Now we can’t say these pot holders will keep you from burning your hands, so we won’t. We’ll say each one is a one-of-a-kind work of kitchen art. Order now right HERE!

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Well, it seems like what the world needed was a new Art Circus album. So many of you music lovers out there have bought “Apples and Oranges” already, we’ve decided to make the same offer on two more albums that will be officially released July 20th. But you can get them exclusively here right now. Pick up a copy of the debut full-length from the little bear. Her voice, and her songs as well, defy description. But we’ll try: ethereal, deep, sweet, scary, blue, mischievous, adorable, fun, soothing, original. Listen to it, send us your description, and we’ll post it! And you Monkey Bowl fans have waited long enough for the third album from Bob Something! this one is called “Space”, and it’s crazy good. It features 9 new Bob Something pop nuggets, and covers of great songs by JEFF The Brotherhood and Ben Jones. The New Yorker says “Monkey Bowl is a cross between the Fugs and Ali G!”. Umm, well OK. Renowned Detroit music writer Eric A. Harabadian says “one of the best song-driven releases I’ve heard in a long time! Very clever songwriting with great melodies, wry lyrics and harmonies that bring to mind classic pop like Beach Boys, Beatles, Badfinger and Todd Rundgren…to name a few”. We’ll go with that one! Buy them right HERE.


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If you are in Nashville on March 1, you’ll want to be at the Bluebird Cafe to see a great pop foursome!  the little bear will have copies of her upcoming debut album on hand, Dave Berg will kill you with coolness, Monkey Bowl will play all their hits, and Steven Lee Olsen brings it home with his amazing voice. Don’t miss it. For tickets, click HERE and reserve a table.


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the little bear DEBUTS NEW VIDEO!

Tennis never gets old. Did you know that Tennis was just voted World’s Sexiest Sport? That’s right, Oliver- you’re catching on! Check it out right HERE.

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the little bear: SOME NEWS AND REVIEWS

 the little bear has been making news with great reviews for her debut EP “Bridges”. If you haven’t yet, pick up a copy HERE. Check in with the little bear on her Facebook page to see where they are playing next.  Listen to ASCAPS “Audio Portrait” for the story behind the songs.  Now here’s what they’re saying:

“The Little Bear is a Nashville-based alt-indy-pop quartet featuring the songs and superb vocals of singer-songwriter Claire Guerreso. On “Bridges,” their EP, Guerreso sings about the emotional dynamics in relationships: the ups, downs and hurdles in between. She has a rich heartfelt voice and her finely crafted songs are passionate, honest and catchy” (BEHIND THE BEAT)

“Nashville’s The Little Bear has a plethora of sounds packed into their five track EP Bridges. Endlessly sweet melodies fuse with bittersweet lyrics and pop-infused compositions sit alongside melancholic string sections. There is a greater complexity to the album than one might glean from an initial listen.

“Puppy Love,” for example, is a short bopping pop tune with clapping backbeats and catchy hooks. It sounds like an utterly pleasant love song but with clever lyrics like, “If I read your Facebook wall I would know you just as well,” it’s actually about the pitfalls of blind affection. The album’s title track is a soft, lullaby-like anthem of childhood friendship and “Parachute” is a dark and, at times, hauntingly sad look at struggle and fear.

The Little Bear maintains the Nashville sound but with a special twist that makes it all their own. It is hard to peg the band into one specific genre. With so many styles happening all at once, they have created an album that is at times uplifting, at times heartbreaking, but one that never produces the same thing twice.” (PERFORMER MAGAZINE)

“The Little Bear’s newest EP, Bridges, sounds considerably more polished than its analog-only predecessor — likely a nod to the interest the band has garnered from some pretty big corners of the A&R world, where spray-painted tape cases are a less common sight. On the title track, singer and songwriter Claire Guerreso — who’s got the kind of voice that can turn a clattering club into a vacuum-sealed listening chamber in the matter of a few verses — delivers a disarming tale of “the love between children, and what it can do.”

If that sounds like such an uncool topic for a song, well, Guerreso is refreshingly unabashed in her songwriting, and is as uninterested in pretense as she is unafraid to risk sentimentality. But if you want cool, The Little Bear can do that too, though with their own bent. There’s a lilt to “Coldest Cloud” that will connect with fans of atmospheric indie rock a la Cortney Tidwell, but Guerreso twirls her vocals in a way that at times lands more like Blige than Bjork.” (NASHVILLE SCENE)



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Hey Nashvillians. Don’t miss a beary beary good show (sorry, couldn’t help it) on July 14th at 12th and Porter. Tix can be had right HERE and to get yourself ready for the event, pick up a copy of the EP HERE, or on iTunes right HERE. Have a beary good time.

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