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Well, it seems like what the world needed was a new Art Circus album. So many of you music lovers out there have bought “Apples and Oranges” already, we’ve decided to make the same offer on two more albums that will be officially released July 20th. But you can get them exclusively here right now. Pick up a copy of the debut full-length from the little bear. Her voice, and her songs as well, defy description. But we’ll try: ethereal, deep, sweet, scary, blue, mischievous, adorable, fun, soothing, original. Listen to it, send us your description, and we’ll post it! And you Monkey Bowl fans have waited long enough for the third album from Bob Something! this one is called “Space”, and it’s crazy good. It features 9 new Bob Something pop nuggets, and covers of great songs by JEFF The Brotherhood and Ben Jones. The New Yorker says “Monkey Bowl is a cross between the Fugs and Ali G!”. Umm, well OK. Renowned Detroit music writer Eric A. Harabadian says “one of the best song-driven releases I’ve heard in a long time! Very clever songwriting with great melodies, wry lyrics and harmonies that bring to mind classic pop like Beach Boys, Beatles, Badfinger and Todd Rundgren…to name a few”. We’ll go with that one! Buy them right HERE.


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