Bluebird Hello, I’m Robert Ellis Orrall. And yes, that’s Clare Bowen and Hayden Panettiere (you may know them as Scarlett and Juliette) with me at the world famous Bluebird Cafe, where everyone heard songs from the latest Monkey Bowl album “Space”. And while they can’t endorse the latest Monkey Bowl album “Space” because they busy acting, I can! And I can also endorse their ABC Television show, Nashville. The TV show is full of country music. The latest Monkey Bowl album “Space” is full of shiny pop nuggets, like “And You Were A Spaceship” and “The Secret Life Of Secrets”. And a reworked version of JEFF The Brotherhood’s “The Tropics” that is out of this world! As some of you may know, I’ve been recording Monkey Bowl albums under an alias, Bob Something, which was a secret until someone told someone Bob Something was me and I could no longer live my secret life. But here’s the good news: If you know someone who’d like the newest Robert Ellis Orrall album this holiday season, you’ve found it. It’s the latest Monkey Bowl album “Space”!

The New Yorker says “Monkey Bowl is a cross between the Fugs and Ali G!”.Ummm, OK. Renowned Detroit music writer Eric A. Harabadian describes Monkey Bowl as “very clever songwriting with great melodies, wry lyrics and harmonies that bring to mind classic pop like Beach Boys, Beatles, Badfinger and Todd Rundgren…to name a few”. The Deli National says “Space, not an album to be pigeonholed, is a diverse, mellow, lyric-driven record that outfits accessible pop in various masks from soft and acoustic to bright and sparkling.” I say it’s my favorite album I’ve ever made. Check it out on iTunes and see for yourself. Until December 23, Plastic 350 Records will add a bonus release to every order. Happy Holidaze!


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  1. Sara Knowles

    Fantastic REO! Can’t wait to get them (ordered 2!)

  2. Boston Frank

    My wife’s fave album of yours EVER.

  3. Vermont Girl

    I love that song You All. Hilarious! Reminds me of the humor in Call The Uh-Oh Squad!

  4. Nashville on ABC

    Follow @Nashville_ABC on Twitter! Love your music Robert!

  5. chiliwillie

    Thanks Plastic350 for the bonus CD’s you snick in there, and the candy too! LOVE the MonkeyBowl music!

  6. frankel

    I missed REO for years, but always played the records from the 80″s.
    These new albums are amazing- my wife gave them to me for Christmas and they are in non-stop rotation in my car.

  7. frankel

    My son has 4 JEFF The Brotherhood albums. Had NO IDEA they were Roberts sons until I heard Monkey Bowl’s take on “The Tropics”!

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