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3501 We’ve been working on this one for a while, but it’s definitely worth the wait! Dropping July 6th, “Pretty” is coming your way. Details to follow soon!


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Bluebird Hello, I’m Robert Ellis Orrall. And yes, that’s Clare Bowen and Hayden Panettiere (you may know them as Scarlett and Juliette) with me at the world famous Bluebird Cafe, where everyone heard songs from the latest Monkey Bowl album “Space”. And while they can’t endorse the latest Monkey Bowl album “Space” because they busy acting, I can! And I can also endorse their ABC Television show, Nashville. The TV show is full of country music. The latest Monkey Bowl album “Space” is full of shiny pop nuggets, like “And You Were A Spaceship” and “The Secret Life Of Secrets”. And a reworked version of JEFF The Brotherhood’s “The Tropics” that is out of this world! As some of you may know, I’ve been recording Monkey Bowl albums under an alias, Bob Something, which was a secret until someone told someone Bob Something was me and I could no longer live my secret life. But here’s the good news: If you know someone who’d like the newest Robert Ellis Orrall album this holiday season, you’ve found it. It’s the latest Monkey Bowl album “Space”!

The New Yorker says “Monkey Bowl is a cross between the Fugs and Ali G!”.Ummm, OK. Renowned Detroit music writer Eric A. Harabadian describes Monkey Bowl as “very clever songwriting with great melodies, wry lyrics and harmonies that bring to mind classic pop like Beach Boys, Beatles, Badfinger and Todd Rundgren…to name a few”. The Deli National says “Space, not an album to be pigeonholed, is a diverse, mellow, lyric-driven record that outfits accessible pop in various masks from soft and acoustic to bright and sparkling.” I say it’s my favorite album I’ve ever made. Check it out on iTunes and see for yourself. Until December 23, Plastic 350 Records will add a bonus release to every order. Happy Holidaze!


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REDEYENow you can find your favorite Plastic 350 Recordings at your favorite Record and CD stores all across the USA. We are pleased to announce national distribution by Redeye. If you don’t see Art Circus, the little bear, Robert Ellis Orrall, or Monkey Bowl in stock at your local music purveyor, be sure and ask for it! they can order it in a jiffy. Or you can visit our friendly Plastic350 web store. Be sure and stock up on great music for the Holidays!


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photo-10Can you picture a world without Art Circus? Neither can we! So when we saw we were running low on “Apples and Oranges”, we rushed a second pressing, and only went a few days with none in stock. So back-orders are being filled, and we’ve once again got plenty on hand. “Apples and Oranges” was our best selling album of 2012, and Halle has been hard at work on her solo album, which we hope to bring you in 2013. So thanks Art Circus fans


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OK, Monkey Bowl fans. You’ve worn out your copy of “Plastic 350”. You’re on your second copy of “Ultimate”. And you need a new video game to play while you enjoy listening to the new record, “Space”. Well you need this great new app for your iPhone! You can listen to Monkey Bowl and play Monkey Bowl at the same time! Will wonders never cease?


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Great new reviews for “Apples and Oranges” this week, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. If you haven’t discovered this gem of an indie-pop record, check it out on iTunes HERE. But you might want to buy the CD HERE, because the artwork by Justine Orrall is as beautiful as Halle’s voice. Which is really saying something. But let’s let them tell it! “Art Circus combines the cute nature of Au Revoir Simone with traits of electronic pop and even (if just slightly) hip hop (at least on this song). Yes, that sounds a little odd, but check out “My Heart Hurts” and I think you’ll understand. The song is slightly melodramatic and moody, backed by a dreamy drum box and indie pop synths, all fronted by Halle Jane with vocals pure and sweet. “My Heart Hurts” follows what you’ll get on Apples and Oranges: light and playful near-twee electro-influenced indie-pop. It’s bouncy, entirely lovable and super fun. Within the album are eleven tracks where Halle lends her sweet vocals to the songwriting expertise of member Robert Ellis Orrall, with assistance form Al Anderson, Canaan Smith and Ben Jones. – Fensepost “Syrupy sweet and daydreamy, Halle Jane has narrowed the wide scope of Art Circus. An influence of Madi Diaz’s unassuming sweetness and acoustic pop sense mixed with whirly piano, earnest vocals and glossy production that make it sound like an ultra girly version of Owl City, Apples & Oranges is pastel-colored, cotton candy pop filled with peach and apple pie, whipped cream and kisses. The lyrics read like diary entries, and Halle completely takes over them, making them her own as she unabashedly sings about some extremely heartfelt, sticky stuff on the topic of love and relationships. Apples & Oranges isn’t a fluff pop record; there are intrigues here, like Halle’s unusual voice, which is soft, but substantial with an inquisitive lilt. And though the record is hooky beyond belief, it isn’t tiring to listen to, keeping pretty quiet and on an even tempo throughout, so that Apples & Oranges comes out endearing and infectious, rather than overtly sappy” – The Deli National


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The great reviews keep on coming for Monkey Bowl’s third album, “Space”.

Space, not an album to be pigeonholed, is a diverse, mellow, lyric-driven record that outfits accessible pop in various masks from soft and acoustic to bright and sparkling. The 12-track collection features a  hushed, softer rendition of JEFF the Brotherhood’s “The Tropics” that has a delicate piano base. The record leans heavily on piano hooks, like “The Secret Life of Secrets,” and one of the best is the distinct outlier, even on this mish-mash album, “You All,” with its wiry guitar and retro pop rhythm.” (The Deli National)

Have you got your copy yet? Buy it now or go check it out on iTunes right HERE.


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